#1 able to run.”The Rams’ special teams culture permeates the entire roster and even affects veterans.Cory Littleton first caught the coaches’ eye with strong special teams play, and he has continued to contribute von elaine95 05.12.2019 08:13

One of the more fascinating storylines among the Los Angeles Rams in 2019 has been their usage of the running back group. Looking at it from afar Gerald Everett Jersey , the Rams have three capable players in their backfield, but have yet to truly figure out the best rotation among the three.Here are some statistics between them (stats from Pro Football Reference):Todd Gurley:107 touches, 436 yards from scrimmage, 4.1 yards/touch, 7 touchdownsDarrell Henderson:33 touches, 156 yards from scrimmage, 4.7 yards/touch, 0 touchdownsMalcolm Brown:38 touches, 164 yards from scrimmage, 4.3 yards/touch, 2 touchdownsAmong the surface-level stats, here is a deeper dive into the actual numbers:Rush yards after contact per rush:Gurley: 1.9Brown: 3.1Henderson: 2.0Rush attempts per broken tackle:Gurley: 9.2Malc: 4.1Hendo: 4.1When attempting to analyze the division in the RB room, it becomes evident that on a per-touch basis, both Brown and Henderson are currently more productive than Gurley. The reasoning behind why isn’t exactly known, but Gurley has lacked explosion and simply doesn’t look the same as vintage Gurley right now. The lack of a good run blocking line doesn’t help any of the three, but it doesn’t explain the difference between the three as all of them are dealing with the same offensive line.In terms of pure explosion and the potential for big plays, Henderson is the leader in the clubhouse. His lack of usage as a receiver doesn’t allow us to make any definitive statements, though he’d likely be a weapon in that regard. He has looked explosive, decisive, and has churned out yardage while maintaining contact balance throughout.The toughest grinder among the trio is Brown, as he routinely breaks tackles, creates extra yardage John Kelly Jersey , and collects more yardage than what is initially blocked by his movement ability. Brown hasn’t played the past few weeks due to injury, but he’ll be back this week against the Pittsburgh Steelers.Gurley on the other hand, has yet to truly break loose, and maybe never will in 2019. Thus far, his lack of explosion hasn’t offered a ton to the backfield, but everyone is aware of what he’s capable of, and that is why his usage is worth continuing to explore during this season.Still, with the idea of preserving #30 and allowing him to be healthy down the road, the Rams would be wise to use more of Brown and Henderson, particularly as runners. Both have broken tackles and created yardage at a better clip, and the underlying factor is the more the other two are used, the more Gurley is preserved down the line. None of the runners are used much in the receiving game, but Gurley is likely the best among the trio as a receiving threat, and should be used more as a weapon in the open field.The usage in the RB room is something the Rams are still figuring out and it’s something to keep an eye on moving forward. The one positive for the Rams is all three guys have shown to be capable of producing, because there hasn’t been any drop-off from starter to second-string to third-string. THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. (AP) — Johnny Hekker, Greg Zuerlein and Jake McQuaide have a ritual during the Los Angeles Rams‘ flights home from road victories. While their teammates celebrate up front in the first-class section, the Rams’ punter, kicker and long snapper stay out of the way by retreating to the front row of the coach cabin.The modesty is admirable, but those big guys living it up in the large seats realize what they owe to the specialists in the back — and to the coach whose pursuit of special-teams perfection and trickery has been a huge asset to the Rams on their way to the Super Bowl.John Fassel’s fingerprints were all over the Rams’ NFC championship game victory. From the flawless fake punt to the winning 57-yard overtime field goal, the players coached by Los Angeles’ formidable special teams coordinator made a major impact on that 26-23 win in New Orleans.“It’s a big boost,” coach Sean McVay said. “It enables you to be more aggressive because of the confidence you have.”Fassel John Franklin-Myers Jersey , the Rams’ interim head coach for three games in 2016, strives to make sure the entire team is invested in the success of the Rams’ special teams. He is eagerly backed by McVay, who kept Fassel on staff two years ago after replacing him in the top job.“It’s a super-big source of pride for me, because it’s my job, but I also love it,” Fassel said. “I just try to let them know it’s professional football, but it’s still a lot of fun, and you are important.”Fassel doesn’t know whether the Rams have more trick plays in their special-teams repertoire than other teams, or whether they’re simply just better at executing those deceptive game-changers. He smiles, but refuses to say whether the Rams will cook up anything special for the Super Bowl.“Our repertoire of fakes depends on the game, really,” Fassel said. “You could have none in, you could have four in. It depends.”The Rams’ specialists are among the NFL’s best groups, with Zuerlein’s booming leg particularly standing out. Hekker, Zuerlein and McQuaide all made the Pro Bowl last season.But Los Angeles’ capacity for trick plays largely depends on Hekker, a former high school quarterback with a strong passing arm. His ability opens up a world of possibilities for Fassel — and the whole world got a look at that creativity early in the second quarter in New Orleans.Los Angeles was down 13-0 with a stagnant offense at the Superdome before Hekker threw a pass to cornerback Sam Shields for a first down on a perfect fake punt, prolonging the Rams’ first scoring drive.“It’s just our mindset that we have,” Hekker said. “By any means, we’re going to try and get something going. Sean saw an opportunity. We had a great matchup, Sam with a person one-on-one guarding him. Sam can stop on a dime, and we’ve practiced that all year, so it was just a great moment for us to call that.”Hekker is no ordinary punter: He led Bothell High in suburban Seattle to the state championship game before walking on at Oregon State as a punter. He is also Zuerlein’s holder Brian Allen Jersey , which means Hekker has been able to sling passes on fake punts or fake kicks since 2012 — the same year Fassel and Zuerlein arrived in St. Louis.Hekker’s career regular-season passing numbers would be a pretty solid half for Jared Goff: He is 11 of 19 for 156 yards and a 102.1 passer rating, including one touchdown. His pass in New Orleans was his first in a playoff game, but his fifth already this season.“If you didn’t know any better, he looks like a quarterback,” McVay said. “He’s got a nice, natural (throwing) stroke. He can make big-time plays. He can do a variety of different things with that athleticism, not exclusive to throwing it, but also being able to run.”The Rams’ special teams culture permeates the entire roster and even affects veterans.Cory Littleton first caught the coaches’ eye with strong special teams play, and he has continued to contribute this season even after becoming a starting linebacker. Littleton is the Rams’ leading tackler, but he earned a Pro Bowl selection this season as a special teams performer.Shields, who joined the Rams this season after nearly two years out of football due to concussions, has eagerly accepted roles on special teams. That’s how Shields ended up essentially as a receiver — the position he played in college at Miami before carving out a Pro Bowl career as a cornerback.“A lot of guys in here just want to do anything they can to help this team win,” Shields said. “If that’s on special teams, that’s great. Let’s do it.”Hekker, Zuerlein and McQuaide stuck to their tradition on the flight home from New Orleans. They gathered in the extended-legroom seats in coach, quietly enjoying the success while their teammates lived it up in first class.“We had a lot of great conversations, just reliving the moments together,” Hekker said. “But we ended up dying down and watching movies by the end of it.”

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