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Vacuum pump system maintenance

The key point of vacuum pump maintenance system is to identify common faults. There may be several reasons why the vacuum can't be pumped up. We must find out what's going on.

The vacuum system must be carefully checked and recorded to find out the cause of the failure. For example, the leisure time is the same, and the vacuum degree is slightly low. At this time, block the high-pressure valve, such as the pointer of the vacuum gauge decreases rapidly. Most of the environment is the vacuum chamber leaking. First, find out the leakage point. For example, the pointer of the vacuum gauge decreases slowly, and the pumping capacity of the vacuum unit is insufficient in most environments. At this time, it can be put into the problem of looking up the vacuum pump and valve to see where the leakage appears, or the diffusion pump oil is polluted and oxidized, or the sealing of the front stage pipeline is not good, and the pump oil is not enough; or the pump has oil emulsification, shaft seal oil leakage, valve plate damage and other faults.

In the vacuum system maintenance customer headache must be to check the leakage rate phenomenon. Leakage includes internal leakage and external leakage; the external funnel is hard to check, but the internal leakage is not easy to handle. If the leakage point is too large, the flame method can also be used. The philosophy that air flow can make the flame deviate can be used. First, vacuum it. Use a small candle or electronic lighter to slowly search around the suspicious point. If you find that the flame deviates from the leakage point, you can find the leakage point. The internal leakage shall be checked from the conflicting vacuum working area. After the vacuum system reaches a certain pressure value, the winding and evaporation system shall be started separately to check whether the reading value of the vacuum gauge rises after a short reduction, so as to determine the target of the internal leakage point. Most of the internal leakage occurs in the facilities with water cooling points. No doubt was found in the inspection of the external leakage, but the following phenomena were found: the pumping speed of the mechanical pump was relatively low, the indicated value of the vacuum gauge was low, the mechanical pump oil was quickly emulsified, and the iron-based parts in the vacuum chamber were rusty, etc. the internal leakage can be estimated with the above foundation. Clean the cavity first, then pass the cooling water, and carefully check the water supply If there is any wet point in the pipeline, that is to say, leakage point.

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