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traces high in limonene: kosher kush terpene user profile graph glass bongs for sale A different example of stresses that apparently have reasonably high limonene levels are usually not limonene-dominant are Cupcakes strains. With this dataset, Pies and Ointment, Moon Treats, and GSC all highlight as ranges with somewhat high limonene levels, although each exhibits a caryophyllene-dominant terpene account.

strains considered of high limonene: sandwich and ointment terpene page graph thick glass bongs injuries high in limonene: moon snacks terpene report graph

varieties high in limonene: GSC terpene profile chart 4 foot glass bongs Is Limonene Synonymous Together with Lemon Scent or Flavour in Pot?

Short reply: no . The main aroma in which characterizes stress is not as a consequence of one terpene, but rather a variety of all the terpenes that it includes.

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