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Where is the refreshing in the late autumn when it rains? The cold wind plunged into the shackles, and the scour of the rain was devastating. There are a few people living in the huts outside the rain and rain, and you can see the bonfire in the evening Marlboro Cigarettes. Today's rain is a bit big, and you can only see two rows of blurred mud in front of the door. I also smiled and told me about the interesting things in my hometown in the past few days. I also reminded me of the clothes in the windy days, but today I have no shadow. I can only turn my head and bury it in the autumn wind in the autumn rain. The rain is lit with lanterns, but I can't find a way. The sky was dark and the thunderous sky was full of deafening thunder, and the dry riverbed was muddy by the rushing rain. Taking advantage of the occasional flashing thunder, you can see a piece of river mud on the meandering river bed sinking slowly, revealing a black hole that is fascinating, and then merge into a turbid stream, filling it in, I am holding an umbrella. Walking alongside the body was soaked and splashed, and finally the rain was a little small. A gray bird climbed out of the shrubs on the edge of the prairie. Shantou licked the rain on his lower abdomen with his mouth Parliament Cigarettes, and did not fly with a few wings. Yi Xing stunned and smashed back and drilled back. And I was not so lucky Carton Of Cigarettes, I was already foggy, and I could only see sporadic lights in the faraway places. The desolate four wilderness, this hut in the rain can only be my only beacon. I don't know if anyone is there today, and I have never really been close to the mud. I finally got close to these huts. I can feel the dilapidation when I am a dozen meters away. The house was made of wood, and it was covered with a layer of rusty iron, with only a twisted window. There is no mention of any eaves at all, only about ten centimeters of iron. I thought I would stand up without thinking about it. There was actually a sound in the room. Although the rain outside was not small, I could barely hear people there. After a while, the house was turned on. After a burst of noise, the smell of ripe wheat noodles must be fried flour! There is a scent of wheat. When my grandmother was alive, every time the sixth day of June, the "Scorpio Festival" was fried with a large pot of cake (cooked flour) Marlboro Lights. When you are hungry, use a boiled water to boil a bowl, with a light red cake, and then brown sugar or sugar, it is very fragrant. In the past, the family was poor, and sometimes it was often fried, so I often could eat it. Later, life was good Wholesale Cigarettes, and my grandmother rarely did it. It would be nice to eat once in a year or two. Nowadays, I can still eat cakes at this time. Soon, I heard the sound of packing things, and after a while, the lights went out. It was dark all around, and only the endless drizzle was in the sky. It may be that I heard the sound of rain and parachute. When I lifted my leg, there was a bang in the room. I don't care so much, the rain has gradually stopped. The thick clouds faded, and there was some light in the sky. I was wrapped in cold wind all the way, and soon I got on the road and got a car. I got in the car and looked back, and the light in the hut turned on. I smiled and knew that when I left, the door that was covered with wheat noodles must have been opened...

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